Please note: We have resumed in person meetings at our church building, but we are adhering to strict protocols in keeping with governmental regulations.


Please familiarize yourself with our current protocols at:


Note also that these protocols supersede any conflicting information found anywhere on our website describing typical Sunday activities and practices at CRBC.


Local Leadership:


Jon Ryttersgaard - Lead Pastor

Jon is a dual citizen of Canada and Barbados. He was born in Canada and received his Bajan citizenship in 2017. His wife Mel is also a dual citizen, born and raised in Barbados and a citizen of Canada since 2016. Jon and Mel met at Trent University in Peterborough, Canada in 2006. They were married in 2011 and have two sons, Maddox (born in 2013) and Wade (born in 2016). Jon has a Master of Theological Studies from Tyndale Seminary in Toronto, and served as a pastor in Canada for five years before starting Covenant Reformed Baptist Church here in Barbados in 2017. 


Jonathan Alleyne - Deacon

Jonathan was born and raised in Barbados. He has been serving faithfully at Covenant Reformed Baptist Church since its inception in 2017, and became a deacon in 2020. He married Sherina in 2019 and together they are a gift of God to CRBC.


Overseas Leadership:

Covenant Reformed Baptist Church (CRBC) is presently sponsored by and accountable to Covenant Baptist Church in Toronto, Canada as part of the process of helping CRBC get firmly established in Barbados. Therefore, some of the pastors and deacons of Covenant Baptist Church in Toronto also serve as pastors and deacons of Covenant Reformed Baptist Church here in Barbados.


Chris Powell - Pastor

Chris has been the Lead Pastor of Covenant Baptist Church in Toronto since 2008, after graduating from Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity. Prior to his seminary studies, Chris had trained as a schoolteacher, receiving a Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto. Chris also has work experience in IT and project management. Prior to moving to the US for his seminary studies, Chris also served as a deacon of Covenant Baptist Church. Chris married Val in 1998 and they have four children: Hannah, Noah, Abby, and Ben.


Ron Santos - Deacon

Ron was born and raised in the Philippines. He was converted in 1988 and was a member of Moonwalk Community Bible Church in the Philippines before immigrating to Canada in 2002, where he joined Covenant Baptist Church. Ron has been a great help to the church since his arrival, and has been serving as a deacon since 2016.